Portable Air Conditioner Hose Falling Off? Here’s What to Do

Does your portable AC exhaust hose keep falling off?

It’s quite frustrating when the hose should be directing hot air outside—but it falls off and blows hot air all over your room.

I’ve had this issue a few times before—so I’ve figured out multiple ways to fix it.

In this article, I’ll go over what you can do to fix your portable AC hose if it’s falling off. I’ll also cover how to keep your portable AC exhaust hose system secured to the window, even if its mounting kit is worn out.

Secure the hose using foil tape

If your portable AC’s exhaust hose keeps falling off, you can secure it using foil tape.

The adhesive on foil tape is very sticky, so the tape has enough strength to keep your exhaust hose secure.

Aluminum foil tape is made for use in HVAC applications since it seals off air leaks and maintains its integrity in high-heat situations.

Additionally, foil tape withstands changes in temperature and won’t shrink—so your exhaust hose won’t fall off when it gets hot.

Whatever you do, don’t use duct tape to seal your portable AC hose. Duct tape does not work well at higher temperatures, mostly due to the adhesive losing its stickiness after prolonged exposure to higher temperatures.

portable ac exhaust hose tape

Screw the hose into the diffuser

If your exhaust hose is falling out of the diffuser fitting, screw the hose into the diffuser more. 

Most exhaust hoses are made of a spiral wire that twists into the diffuser fitting. If the exhaust hose isn’t screwed into the diffuser all the way, the exhaust hose might fall out of the diffuser.

Screwing the hose in as far as you can keeps the hose secured to the diffuser.

If your hose is still falling off of the diffuser, you can use some foil tape to secure the exhaust hose to the diffuser.

Wrap the foil around the hose and diffuser to hold them together and prevent the hose from falling off.

Extend the portable AC hose

If your portable AC hose is too short and it keeps falling off, you can use a hose extension adapter to extend your exhaust hose.

A longer exhaust hose will hang without as much strain on the connection point of the hose.

To extend your portable AC’s exhaust hose, you’ll need two things:

  1. New exhaust hose extension
  2. Exhaust hose coupler

Be sure that your new exhaust hose is the same diameter as your existing hose. And that the new exhaust hose extension adds enough length to reach your door or window.

The exhaust hose coupler also needs to be the same diameter as your existing exhaust hoses. For example, if your portable AC’s exhaust hose is 6 inches in diameter, then your new exhaust hose extension and exhaust hose coupler must be 6 inches in diameter as well.

Once you have the new exhaust hose extension, you can attach it to the old hose by screwing each hose into the coupler. The coupler has threads on the inside that will secure it to both hoses.

Air Conditioner Hose Coupler

This portable AC hose coupler will fit 5-inch portable AC hoses. If you have a 6-inch hose, select the 5.9-inch option in the link.

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If you don’t have a coupler, you can use some HVAC foil tape instead. I recommend using the same scrim-backed foil tape that I recommended above since it’s a little stronger and won’t tear apart as easily when you’re moving the hoses around.

Screw the diffuser to the vent panel

If your portable AC exhaust hose diffuser keeps falling out of your window vent panel, use a screw to secure the diffuser to the window vent panel.

Some hose diffuser attachments have dedicated screw holes in them to assist in securing them to the vent panel.

If your diffuser has a screw hole, you can use a self-tapping screw to secure the diffuser to the vent panel.

If your diffuser doesn’t have a screw hole, drill a small pilot hole through the diffuser and vent panel first, then use a screw to secure them together.

secure portable ac hose diffuser to vent panel

Screw the vent panel and extensions to the window

If your portable ACs vent panel is falling out, use a self-tapping screw to secure it to the window.

If your portable AC’s vent panel does not stay in place in your window, use a small screw to secure it in the window.

I recommend using a self-tapping screw since you don’t need to drill a pilot hole ahead of time. Just keep in mind that it will leave a small hole in your window frame.

Don’t drill or screw near the glass or the frame area around the glass to avoid damage to the window pane.

Find replacement parts for your portable AC

If your exhaust hose venting parts are worn out, you can order replacement parts from the manufacturer.

Some portable AC manufacturers have authorized vendors for replacement parts for their equipment. You just need your portable AC’s model number and you can usually find what you’re looking for on the replacement parts website.

However, some manufacturers don’t sell all the replacement parts for their equipment. You can sometimes purchase portable AC parts from a third-party vendor online such as AppliancePartsPros.com.

Use a different exhaust hose kit

If the exhaust hose kit included with your portable AC gets worn out or doesn’t work in your window, you can purchase a third-party exhaust hose kit instead.

The exhaust hose kits from third-party vendors online come in different shapes—so you might find one that works better for your portable AC exhaust system.

I recommend checking out amazon for a variety of exhaust hose kits. Just be sure that the exhaust hose kit is the correct size for your portable AC. Common exhaust hose sizes are 5” and 6”, but you should measure your current exhaust hose to confirm.

Hi, my name is Trey Lewis and I’m the founder and chief editor at HVAC Training Shop. My goal for this website is to help homeowners troubleshoot and maintain their home’s HVAC systems. Whether it’s changing an air filter, troubleshooting a blower motor, or just buying a new humidifier, I want to make sure that you’re covered.

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  1. I have the opposite problem. I can’t unscrew the hose from where it comes into the ac and this is where a filter is so I have to be able to get to the filter to be cleaned every 2 weeks. Is there something I can spray so that it’s not so tight? I have an Artic King AKPD-12CR4 or`12ER4. Thank you so much for your help.

    • Hi Renee,

      Yeah, I know what you mean. The exhaust hoses on most portable ACs really lock into place. When removing one, it almost feels like you’re going to break it off, but that’s just how much pressure you need to use to disconnect it. You can try using mineral oil on the connection point since it usually works well to lubricate most plastics.

      Hope this helps,

  2. Hi Trey
    Is it ok to apply duct tape over aluminium tape on exhaust hose directly from back of portable ac unit, in order to provide extra securing?
    I’ve had the aluminium tape come undone. I “may” be good now, up to three layers aluminium tape 😁


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