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My name is Trey, and I’m a mechanical engineer and HVAC technician. I created HVAC Training Shop to help people understand how their home’s HVAC systems work.

HVAC Training Shop exists to serve as a hub for HVAC knowledge. Whether you are troubleshooting your air conditioner or just changing the filter on your furnace, this website will have you covered.

After seeing first-hand how many homeowners don’t know the basics of heating, cooling, or ventilation, I sought to create a resource for people that want to work on their home’s HVAC systems. Some of my content includes HVAC theory, how-to guides, and equipment reviews.

Author of HVAC Training Shop
Trey Lewis

What is so special about HVAC Training Shop?

There are many other resources online available that provide knowledge about HVAC. In fact, I have been to a lot of these websites myself!

One thing that I noticed is that most of them are written by people that have no experience working in the HVAC industry. These websites can be confusing or just plain wrong since they are not written with the mindset of an experienced HVAC technician or engineer.

Nobody should consider buying any tool or piece of equipment without reading a reputable review first. We discuss gear from a variety of brands and price points to highlight the pros and cons of everything.

My goal is to help homeowners understand how to troubleshoot and maintain their HVAC systems. By taking care of your home’s HVAC equipment, you can save a lot of time and money in the long run!

To get in contact with me, visit the contact page.

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