The Top 5 Best Window Air Conditioner Covers

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During every season of the year, weather events occur that can leave window air conditioning units vulnerable to issues that may decrease their ability to cool your home.

Water seepage, overheating, and internal malfunctions are common problems for AC units with no protection from the elements.

An air conditioning cover can prevent all of these issues from happening and more.

In this article, I’ll review five of the best window air conditioner covers, chosen for their ability to repel dirt, water, and installation time.

Window Air Conditioner Cover Reviews

Sturdy Covers AC Defender
  • Straps are situated in positions that prevent the cover from flying away in windy weather conditions
  • Has a second layer underneath the top, blocking all cold air from seeping inside
  • Can be adjusted to better conform to the shape of the AC
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HVAC Training Shop is reader-supported. I earn from qualifying purchases.

The Sturdy Covers AC Defender is a dark-colored AC cover that’s built with longevity in mind.

It’ll surely last you more than a couple of months so be sure to save it for any weather event anticipated at a later season.

Each of the straps is woven into areas that ensure a tight fit; no more must you run after a cheap cover down the street when the wind gusts pick up.

When you unbox it, take note of its layered construction. It’s a nice touch to keep your AC free from all elements.

If you clean your AC before installing this cover, the unit will look the same when you’re ready to take it off. And don’t worry too much about sizing, just pick the dimensions closest to your AC, and the fit is guaranteed to conform to its shape.

Luxiv Window Air Conditioner Cover
  • Durable straps that designed to hold up without tearing
  • Dirt and dust never sticks to the material that's exposed to air, making cleanup easy
  • Completely waterproof
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The Luxiv Window Air Conditioner Cover is made from oxford cloth (420 Denier) and is very strong. If you live in an area that stays rainy all year, such as the Pacific Northwest, this cover will come in handy.

Water beads when it comes into contact with it, dripping off or evaporating later. The same applies to dirt, dust, and pollen.

Be sure that you measure off your AC unit correctly when considering this product; the waterproof effect won’t work as well if you buy it in the wrong size.

Other than that, there’s nothing bad to say about the Luxiv. Sizes are great for most window-sized ACs.

Jeacent Window Air Conditioner Cover
  • Keeps pollen and other small dust particles from getting inside
  • Simplistic installation instructions (only needs to be secured by the clips with included straps
  • No openings at the lower portion of the cover
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The Jeacent Window Air Conditioner Cover is one of the best air conditioner cover pieces for regions with warm weather.

When springtime comes, the pollen count quickly builds up and gets on anything outside that’s in a stationary position for a while.

Cover up your AC unit with this and no longer will you have to detail your AC to get the yellow sediment off.

As you put it on, there’s no need to flip through a manual. Just tie the elastic clips in place and adjust according to your AC size, and that’s all.

Unlike some AC covers, this has no openings around the part that faces down so no part is exposed to the outside air.

KylinLucky Window Air Conditioner Cover
  • Water doesn't linger on the cover, instead of falling off or drying immediately
  • The dark neutral color blends well with most home exteriors
  • Made to last more than one season
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The KylinLucky Window Air Conditioner Cover consists of 210D polyester, good enough to keep out fine dirt and dust.

Absorption doesn’t occur either and most liquids drop off fast, including water. Depending on where you live, you could keep it for longer than a season.

Like most covers, check the dimensions before you purchase; you could have some trouble getting them to connect otherwise. There are four sizes total which covers most window AC BTUs.

Overall, the KylinLucky has a basic setup that’s good for both home and apartment AC units.

Qualward Outdoor Window Air Conditioner Cover
  • Works well in both the summer and winter months at repelling temperature extremes
  • Keeps out the water during severe weather events (thunderstorms, snowstorms)
  • The navy exterior makes it easy to tell when the cover should be cleaned
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The final product is the Qualward Outdoor Window Air Conditioner Cover. No need to worry about water—it’s made of hydrophobic cloth.

It doesn’t cause condensation at all, so feel free to put it out during the rain, sleet, or snow.

Two straps are included with this cover to ensure that it stays secure all winter long—even when gusts exceed 15 miles per hour. Just tighten up the straps as much as you can and it should hold on most occasions.

What’s the verdict? The Qualward Outdoor Window Air Conditioner Cover is able to entirely block out moisture, making it useful for ACs that are old. Give it a try if you need to keep your AC fully protected.

Choosing the Best Window AC Cover

Before beginning your search, be sure that you know what to look for to get the most out of your AC cover. Although it might seem a bit simple, you can’t just purchase any cover that you see. Some covers are better suited for AC units that are larger and/or smaller.

Thankfully, most products are sold in various sizes. It shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to find one that corresponds to your AC unit’s dimensions.

Knowing Your Window AC Unit’s Size

Picking up from where the last section ended, sizing is important. Many people make the mistake of ordering a larger size cover and are forced to fold it up. If you end up doing this with your cover, your AC will be protected by could still end up with water on the inside.

If you have it, refer to your air conditioning manual to find the dimensions of the interior and exterior. After that, check the AC cover’s size to ensure that it gauges close to your AC. Take note to never choose one that’s lower than the dimensions of the AC.

Weather Conditions/Patterns in Your Region

AC unit covers can stand up to all sorts of weather conditions. No matter if you are somewhere that receives warm weather year-round or in an area with lots of precipitation, using a cover for your window air conditioner will protect it from the elements.

If you live in a cold area or place that snows, be sure that the air conditioner cover is tough enough to stand up to freezing temperatures.

Securing Your Cover – Additional Straps

Sometimes, the straps provided with AC covers might not be enough to keep it in place on your AC. Residents that live in regions with tropical storm seasons may face this dilemma.

You could either find a product that includes additional straps with the cover itself or use your own. Ratchet straps are a good last resort option. Straps made of elastic are best since they’re more flexible and able to conform to odd shapes.

AC Cover Material Quality

Most AC covers are made of polyester and oxford cloth. They can be woven into different strengths. Covers usually consist of each that’s gauged at around 600D.

The “D” stands for Denier, a measurement that determines the weight plus thickness of the strands that make up an entire piece of fabric.

A high denier is a stronger woven material. Smaller numbers are generally weaker. Some AC cover manufacturers will not indicate the denier on their product page. As stated, most are around the same margin, especially if the material is mostly polyester.

One alternative to polyester covers is those made with polyethylene. Tarp coverings are one common item that contains polyethylene but there are lots of others.

It’s not cheap plastic, mind you, though you shouldn’t expect it to last more than three-to-six months. Polyethylene AC covers are a good secondary option to have around, just in case you need something else to throw on your AC if something happens to the primary cover.

BTU and AC Unit Covers

BTU (British Thermal Unit) is a unit of measurement that determines the amount of energy required to change the temperature in a room. Think of it as the “horsepower” of your AC unit.

BTU is a good way to find out whether or not the heater is adequate for the size of your room or home. But is it a good way to know the correct size that you should get for an AC cover?

Oftentimes, this depends on the manufacturer. For example, you might read a description that suggests ACs between 3,000 to 5,000 BTU is best for a specific cover. However, you should still go by the dimensions since the measurement itself is a general way to show consumers if the product is capable of being fitted to an AC.

Sure, it might fit but you could end up having to fold or crumple it together if the dimensions are off.


Which window AC cover do you think is better than the rest? Out of the five, there’s one that hits all the hallmarks for the things consumers should want.

As covered in the Value Section, Denier, dimension size, and the region you live in are important factors to look into before making your choice.

Each one of these can be matched to most AC units with the Sturdy Covers AC Defender (number one from the list).

This isn’t a putdown to the rest of what’s shown so don’t pass them up if they look more promising for what you need them for.

But in the end, your AC unit will be protected, which is what counts the most.

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