The Best 120V Garage Heaters to Keep Your Space Warm

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If you have a workbench or are using your garage to work on your vehicle, you’ll want to keep your garage warm so it is comfortable to work in.

Even if you aren’t working in your garage, you might be storing things in there that need to be kept above a certain temperature, such as liquids or materials.

Better yet, a warm garage will help your vehicle start easily in the morning!

In this article, we’ll discuss the things that you’ll need to consider when purchasing a 120V electric garage heater. We’ll also review a few different 120V electric garage heaters of various designs, so you’ll get a good idea of what kind of options are available.

List of the best 120V garage heaters

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a list of the electric garage heaters that we review below:




Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Best Garage Heater for Work Area

- Includes wheels so you can move it around
- Quiet operation
- Exterior looks good with other furniture

ISILER Space Heater

Best Garage Heater for Large Area

- Compact and easy to move around
- Fast heating time
- Durable handle for easy transport

Homeleader ETL Portable Radiant Heater

- Instantaneous heat, no wait time
- Adjustable thermostat for precise temperature control

TRUSTECH Garage Heater

Best Mountable Garage Heater

- Three power settings so you can dial in the right amount of heat
- Built sturdy and cool to the touch so you won't get burned
- Can be mounted to the ceiling or wall to stay out of the way

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater

- Three power settings so you can dial in the right amount of heat
- Extremely small and portable so you can put it anywhere
- Adjustable thermostat so you can keep your garage at a stable temperature

120V electric garage heater considerations

When choosing the correct heater for your garage, there are three main factors to consider:

  1. Space. What is the size of the space that you will be using it in? Do you need to heat the entire space, or only a small part of it (such as a desk or workbench)?
  2. Application. What will you be using the heater for? Do you need your heater to be portable or mounted somewhere (such as a ceiling)?
  3. Power. Simply put – how much heat do you need? The size of your space and the temperature outside will factor heavily into how much watts you need to heat your garage.

Forced fan versus infrared electric heaters

There are primarily two different types of electric heaters: forced fan and infrared.

Forced fan heaters generate heat by running an electrical current through a coil that gets hot. A fan blows air across the coil to disperse the heat throughout the room.

The use of the fan is why some forced fan heaters are called “convection heaters” since their primary method of heat transfer is convection.

Infrared heaters work much differently. They generate heat by running an electrical current through an infrared light bulb that produces infrared light energy.

This infrared light energy radiates outward from the source, heating any objects in its path. The infrared waves are invisible so you won’t see the light, but you’ll feel it in the form of heat. 

Infrared heaters are sometimes called radiant heaters. This is because they heat a space via radiant heat.

Infrared radiation is the same way that the sun heats up our planet.

There are many pros and cons of each type of heater, and your choice largely depends on the type of area that you need to heat in your garage.

What is the best electric heater for your garage?

Finding the best electric heater for your garage really depends on what you’ll be using it for.

First and foremost, you need to decide: Do you need to heat your entire garage or just a small section of your garage?

Forced fan electric garage heater

If you need to heat your entire garage, then a forced fan heater would be best suited for the task. A forced fan heater uses convection to heat air and blow it around a space.

A forced fan electric heater is great for keeping a large space at stable temperatures. So if you need to heat your entire garage, a forced fan heater is the way to go.

Infrared electric garage heater

If you only need to heat a small space in your garage, then an infrared heater is best suited for the task. Infrared heaters heat an area by radiating heat outward. This means that the infrared heater will only heat objects in the direct path of the heater. 

Infrared heaters excel at keeping a small space or area very warm. If you just need to keep your work area warm, then an infrared heater is the right choice.

What size electric heater do you need to heat your garage?

The size of the electric heater that you need for your garage depends on a few different factors:

  • The size of your garage. A large garage will require more heat to keep warm.
  • Outside conditions. If the weather outside is cold, then you will need more heat to keep your garage warm.
  • Garage construction. If your garage is insulated, then it will require less heat to stay warm.

Generally, you will need about 10 watts per square foot of space to heat your garage. Of course, this is a general estimate and your results may vary depending on the factors listed above.

For instance, if you want your garage at a warm comfortable temperature that you can work in all day, then you will need more power. However, if you just need to keep your garage above freezing temperatures, then you won’t need as much power.

Portable versus mounted electric heaters

Another consideration to make is whether you need a portable freestanding heater or a heater that you can mount to a wall or ceiling.

Portable electric garage heater

Portable electric heaters are the easiest to set up since they just sit on the ground. With a portable heater, you just need to place it on the ground and plug it in.

Mounted electric garage heater

The other type of electric heater is the kind that you need to mount on a ceiling or wall. The advantage of this type of heater is that it doesn’t take up floor space since it is mounted up high and out of the way.

The disadvantage is that it takes some time to install and set up, and you are limited on the choice of space that you can put it in.

For most purposes, we recommend using a portable electric heater.

No matter what type of electric heater you use, be sure that it is clear of combustibles such as paper, cloth, or solvents. Electric heaters generate high temperatures so flammable materials will catch on fire if they come into contact with them.

Electric garage heater voltage types

There are two different voltages available when looking for electric garage heaters: 120V and 240V.

120V electric garage heater

120V garage heaters are cheaper and more versatile since they just plug into a normal wall outlet.

The main drawback of a 120V garage heater is that it is limited in the amount of heat that it can produce. A 120V heater will only produce 1500W of heat, at the most.

If you want to use multiple 120V heaters to heat the same space, you need to ensure that you are running them on different circuits. If you run multiple 120V heaters on the same circuit, then you might trip the circuit breaker.

240V electric garage heater

240V electric heaters can provide much more heat than a 120V heater.

240V heaters require special hardware such as a larger breaker and connector. Not every garage has the electrical wiring for a 240V heater. So 120V heaters are often the easier choice.

Electric heaters convert electricity directly into heat, so they are limited by the amps that they can draw from a circuit.

Don’t worry, the circuit breaker is there to ensure that a fire doesn’t start. If a circuit breaker trips, then you need to stop using the additional heater or use it on a different circuit.

Best garage heater for work area

The Dr Infrared Heater is portable and easy to move around. You’ll be able to roll this heater around your garage to keep you toasty wherever you work.

Looks-wise, this is as good as it gets for most space heaters on the market. The wood exterior might be fake but it will match most areas better than the standard heater will.

In terms of noise, this is the quietest space heater in our roundup. You’ll barely even hear it running.

If there’s anything that could be improved on, it would be the remote control. You might not be able to use it unless it’s directly in front of the space heater. Being in a left or right position from the heater could force you to get up to change its settings.

  • Type: Infrared Heater
  • Power Settings: 1000W or 1500W


  • The wheels are sturdy and won’t move around unless you want it to
  • Doesn’t make too much noise
  • The faux wood exterior blends well with other furniture


  • The remote control may not work unless pointed directly in front of the heater

Best garage heater for large area

ISILER Space Heater

The ISILER Space Heater puts out intense heat that is perfect for heating a large area.

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06/09/2023 06:50 am GMT

The Isiler Space Heater is made for people that need a portable heating solution. It’s quite small but easy to pick up and move. There’s a handle situated on top of the heater itself, allowing you to keep a solid grip on it when moving.

Since this is a fan-powered heater, you won’t feel the intense heat that you would from a radiant heater. Because of this, you might be tempted to bring it closer to you than what’s recommended. So be careful with this heater if you’re using it, and don’t place it too close to objects.

  • Type: Forced Fan Heater
  • Power: 1500W


  • Compact and easy to move around without getting in the way of anything
  • Fast heating time
  • Has a durable handle for easier transport


  • Fan does not blow heat very far

Best garage heater for precise temperature control

Homeleader ETL Portable Radiant Heater

The Homeleader ETL heater has a thermostat for precise temperature control, so your garage stays a stable temperature

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The Homeleader ETL is a portable space heater that’s built for use in an indoor setting, but it can work as a garage heater just fine.

Because of its small size, you can place it under your workbench, or in a small area to heat it up fast. You’ll be able to feel the heat as soon as you turn it on.

If you’re worried about the area getting too hot, don’t be. There’s a mechanism built into the heater’s computer chip that accurately detects when the space around it is warm to a certain degree, to which it will turn off on its own – giving you peace of mind.

The control dial is also easy to turn and stays in place so your garage stays at the temperature that you set it to.

This heater has a small fan built into it so it can detect the temperature of its surroundings and turn of if things get too hot. The fan helps circulate air so your entire garage stays warm.

Things might get a little loud when you first use it but the noise shouldn’t be irritable enough to bother most people.

  • Type: Infrared Heater
  • Power Settings: 1250W or 1500W


  • Heat is instantaneous – there’s no wait time
  • Can be adjusted to turn off when the room becomes too warm, then on again when cold
  • The dial isn’t loose and the temperature stays where it’s set to


  • The fan can get pretty loud, especially during startup

Best mounted garage heater

TRUSTECH Garage Heater

This heater is able to mount overhead, so it doesn't take up space in your garage.

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The Trustech Garage Heater is recommended for anyone that needs to mount a heater in their garage. Heat is sufficient enough to cover a large area. Things can get pretty hot at times, so you won’t even need to have it on for a long time to feel warm.

There are three heater settings in all, each based on a different wattage.

The lowest is 500W and the highest is 1500W. The parts that make up the heater are all strong, and won’t break down on you before the warranty is up.

It could get tricky if you want a heater that provides a 360-degree heating area, however. This one doesn’t. Still, there’s enough power behind the heater to keep everyone warm in your garage if it’s placed correctly.

  • Type: Infrared Heater
  • Power Settings: 500W, 1000W or 1500W


  • Has three heat settings of different wattages
  • Built with dense materials that don’t get too hot to the touch (the exterior)
  • Capable of being mounted to the ceiling or wall


  • Not capable of heating up the 360-degree space from the heater’s center (no heat from behind)

Best portable garage heater

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater

The GiveBest electric space heater is one of the most compact space heaters on the market. It has three different heat settings keeping your space at a stable temperature.

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The GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater is a general use space heater that has found its way into many garages as a simple and effective solution.

It has three different settings: high heat, low heat, and fan-only. Better yet, it is equipped with an adjustable thermostat for keeping your garage at a stable temperature.

Like other electric heaters, this one has overheat protection to ensure that the heater does not overheat a space, even if left on for a long time. It also has tip-over protection that will turn the heater off if it is knocked over.

  • Type: Forced Fan Heater
  • Power Settings: 750W or 1500W


  • Has three settings for adjustable heat levels
  • Extremely small and portable
  • Adjustable thermostat for keeping your garage at a stable temperature


  • Fan can be noisy at times

Final thoughts

If you need a portable infrared heater for heating a small space, then our recommendation is the Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater. 

If you’re looking for a fan-powered heater to heat a larger area, then you can’t go wrong with the Isiler Space Heater. Better yet, the Isiler Space Heater can be easily moved around with its large carrying handle on the top.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then the Trustech Garage Heater is a good choice to mount in your garage to deliver heat without taking up any floor space.

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